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Russ Branjord Spike Diet founder
Spike84 satisfaction guarantee

Pro-Fisherman Mark Courts has lost 40lbs, so can you!

Mark Courts loses weight on Spike 84

"I have never felt better, I am able to compete at a higher level.
Spike84 is a game changer" - Mark Courts

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Featured Spike 84 Recipe

Spike84 Recipe

Protein Peanut Butter Balls


spike84 Dietary Suppeiments


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spike84 sponsors of boys and girls club

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weight loss

Lose a lot of weight and feel great in 84 Days!

With the Spike84 Program you will:
* Have a "Spike Day" every week to enjoy foods you love guilt free
* Eat most of your daily calories and carbohydrates in the evening
* Be less hungry
* Have steady all day energy
* Balance your blood sugar
* Have shorter yet more effective workouts

It's also a very doable diet for most, since you are not depriving
yourself of the foods you really want to eat. In many respects "doable"
is the most important part of any diet.

We all know dieting lowers metabolism, it was proven 60+ years ago.

What diet lets you eat donuts?!!!!!!!!!!

Having a day of overfeeding (Spike Day) brings it back up.
* ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC80547/
* jn.nutrition/content/135/6/1347.full
* nature/ijo/journal/v24/n11/full/0801395a.html

Studies also show when we eat a high carbohydrate breakfast we
significantly inhibit the use of fat as energy through the whole day!
But we use a higher percentage of fat as energy if we eat most of our
calories in the evening.
* ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3508745
* ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10967612

Dont waste anymore time! Get started with a new lifestyle by purchasing the
Spike84 kit with all the support you need to be successful. The kit includes:

* 12 Week Total Fitness Plan
* Spike84 Diet & Meal Plan
* Over 25 effective and time efficient workouts.
* Trainer tips
* Interval style workouts for max results!
* 10 minute Home Workouts
* 30 Minute Gym Workouts to get ripped fast
* "Hard-CORE" Abs routine, and more!
* 40+ Delicious Quick & Easy Low Calorie Recipes
* Spike84 Phase Calendars
* Quick Start Guide
* Grocery Essentials Shopping List
* 12 Week Daily Food Log and Exercise Journal
* Everything you need to become a Fat-Burning Machine!

Could You Be In Starvation Mode?

* Weight loss stopped and you don't know why?
* Feel you exercise often but get little results?
* Feel tired and lethargic during the day?
* Always hungry?
If you answered yes you may be in Starvation Mode. Find out how you
can lose more weight by eating more and exercising less.


Order by phone:
spike84 phone number

Order online:
Spike84 Product-

Spike84 on The Morning Blend spike84 on NBC


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Maximize Your Metabolism with the Spike Diet: Disclaimer

This website provides weight loss information and is intended only to
help users in their personal weight loss efforts. You are urged to seek
the advice of a physician before beginning this or any weight loss
program. Spike84 is intended for use only by healthy adult individuals.
The site is not intended for use by minors, pregnant women, or
individuals with any type of health condition. Such individuals are
specifically warned to seek professional medical advice prior to
initiating any form of weight loss program.

From Russ Branjord: It's been 7 years since I lost 100lbs, and every
week I am in better and better shape. The Spike Diet has allowed me to
maintain a healthy lifestyle and I still have every weekend to have fun
and enjoy the foods I really love. The Spike Diet keeps "Starvation
Mode" in the Stone Age.

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